Math Journals for Kids and Adults

Journaling is a fantastic way to learn and remember any topic — including math. That’s why I created my dot grid journals for kids and adults.

But I just discovered that my printer hates journals and blank books. They refuse to publish them any more.

How frustrating!

So from now on, you can only get my math journals from Amazon. The largest-river-in-the-world store doesn’t mind dot grid pages (so far).

Silver Lining: Because the books aren’t available to regular bookstores, I don’t have to allow for the traditional bookstore discount. Which means I can cut the prices. By a LOT — the new prices are 30% off the original cost of the books!

About My Journals

These Dot Grid Journals provide a great place for children and adults to keep track of our thoughts, dreams, and mathematical discoveries.

The roomy pages offer plenty of space to record memories, plan projects, and keep track of tasks. Your children can solve challenge problems, write explanations, or design their own puzzles. Brainstorm for reports, jot down ideas, work out homework, copy your favorite quotations, or doodle to your heart’s content.

Perfect for use as a commonplace book or to help your child master Bullet Journaling. The paperback binding provides strength without adding weight. Tough enough to withstand a crowded purse or schoolbag.

Order a Dot Grid Journal today, and launch your child (or yourself!) on a voyage of educational exploration.

For more information:

Available only through Amazon:
Amazon-logo (and Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and other Amazon stores worldwide)

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