Playful Math Carnival 143 via Learning Well at Home

Check out the latest carnival of playful math:

Each monthly Playful Math Education Blog Carnival brings you a great new collection of puzzles, math conversations, teaching tips, and all sorts of mathy fun. It’s like a free online magazine of mathematical adventures, helpful and inspiring no matter when you read them.

Sonya put together this wonderful collection of mathematical games, art projects, holiday activities, paper crafts (LOTS of snowflakes!), and more.

She writes:

    “It doesn’t matter where you look, there are always things to count and lots of things to wonder about. How many snowflakes in a snowman? How many points are on a star? How many turkeys do we eat every year? Does anyone actually eat all the fruitcake that is sold each year?
    “Here is Winter and her holidays by the numbers…
    “This was probably my favorite Playful Math Education Blog Carnival to write. There is so much out there to explore that I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface.
    “Come back because I’m going to keep adding to this post…”

—Sonya Post, Carnival #143

Click Here to Read the Carnival Blog

Help Us Keep the Carnival Going

The Playful Math Blog Carnival wants you!

The carnival is a joint effort. We depend on our volunteer hosts to collect blog posts and write the carnival each month.

Putting together a blog carnival can be a lot of work, but it’s a great opportunity to share the work of bloggers you admire and to discover new math-friends online. I love that part of being a host!

Classroom teachers, homeschoolers, college professors, unschoolers, or anyone who likes to play around with math — if you would like to take a turn hosting the carnival, please speak up.

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