Preorder 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal

Parents and teachers, are you looking for new ways to help your children learn math?

In a math journal, children explore their own ideas about numbers, shapes, and patterns through drawing or writing in response to a question.

Journaling encourages students to develop a rich mathematical mindset. They begin to see connections and make sense of math concepts. They grow confident in their ability to think through new ideas.

All they need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and a good prompt to launch their mathematical journey.

My new book 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal includes number play prompts, games, math art, story problems, mini-essays, geometry investigations, brainteasers, number patterns, research projects, and much more.

These activities work at any grade level, and most can be enjoyed more than once. It doesn’t matter whether your students are homeschooled or in a classroom, distance-learning, or in person. Everyone can enjoy the experience of playing around with math.

Coming March 14th in Ebook and Paperback

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Preorder From Your Favorite Online Store

And be sure to grab an Adventurous Student Journal or the printable Journaling Pages Bundle to make the writing fun!

Early Reviews from My Journaling Beta-Testers

  • “We really enjoyed these!”
  • “I remember doing pages and pages of dull equations with no creativity or puzzle-thinking, but now as a homeschool mom, I’m actually enjoying math for the first time! My daughter’s math skills have skyrocketed and she always asks to start homeschool with math.”
  • “Thank you for a great intro to Playful Math!”
  • “All of the kids were excited about their journals. My oldest kept going without prompting and did several more pages on his own.”
  • “We had a lot of fun doing your math prompts. We had never done any math journaling before, but we will certainly integrate this into our weekly routine from now on.”

Pick up a copy of 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal and begin your family’s math journaling adventure today.

For More Information

Check out The Creative Way To Help Your Kids Learn Math.

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