Why Math Game Monday?

There’s a new Math Game Monday this week.

Have your kids tried it yet?

This week’s game is one of my favorites for early elementary grades, a logic game that makes children think about numbers and strategy.

Or, if you’re reading this post later and missed that one, there’s another great new game this week for you to play.

Check it out:

Visit Math Game Monday

Why Does the Game Disappear?

For nearly eight months now, I’ve posted a new math game every Monday.

But why does each game disappear after only one week month?

UPDATE: Beginning in May 2023, Math Game Monday posts will stay live for four weeks to give you more time to enjoy each new game.

Well, bookstores (especially the World’s-Largest-River store) don’t like it if I put too many book excerpts on my blog. And I’ve already posted more than 40 free math games that are always available.

So last year I started this series of temporary blog posts with playful math excerpts from my most popular books. Each Math Game Monday post is live for one week only, then it comes down when the next post goes up.

That means you can learn a new game or activity idea every week.

Look for each new post at the top of the Math Game Monday page:

Visit Math Game Monday

Have fun playing math with your kids!

One thought on “Why Math Game Monday?

  1. Playing math games is a fun and effective way to learn math concepts and skills. With Math Game Monday, you can turn every day into a math adventure! So grab a game and let the learning begin!

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