It’s Here! Math Journaling for All Ages

“Denise Gaskins’s work is consistently lovely and playful, so go check it out if you do any journaling or any other sort of mathematical writing with children.”

—Christopher Danielson, author of Which One Doesn’t Belong?

It’s finally here! 312 Things To Do with a Math Journal includes number play prompts, games, math art, story problems, mini-essays, geometry investigations, brainteasers, number patterns, research projects, and much more.

These activities work at any grade level, and most can be enjoyed more than once. It doesn’t matter whether your students are homeschooled or in a classroom, distance-learning, or in person. Everyone can enjoy the experience of playing around with math.

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And be sure to grab an Adventurous Student Journal or the printable Journaling Pages Bundle to make the writing fun!

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