A Spring Tradition

Homeschool Memories…

Back when my kids were young, it was a yearly tradition. The big discount catalog came every spring, full of exciting new ideas for homeschooling.

By that time, we would be tired of whatever books we were using and eager for something new.

I sent the children outside to enjoy the spring sunshine, which gave me time to dream over the tiny-print wishbook. Coffee in one hand, pencil in the other, making lists and dog-earing catalog pages.

So many exciting books and curriculum options, it seemed almost impossible to resist going wild beyond our budget.

Always Something New To Try

I was never the type of teacher to be satisfied with a pre-packaged curriculum. We tried a few of those over the years, but we always came back to an eclectic approach that leaned heavily on our local public library.

But I made it a practice to try something new every year, and the Rainbow Resource Center catalog was an inch-thick promise of educational adventures. A few workbooks targeting special areas of interest, a couple of hands-on activity guides, a book of math and logic puzzles.

If my own wish list wasn’t long enough to hit the magic number for free shipping, there were always friends willing to combine orders.

And when the big RRC box arrived, it always felt a little bit like Christmas. All those shiny, new things to learn…

They Carry My Math Books, Too

These days, almost everyone shops online. A website can hold so many more resources than one could ever squeeze into a printed catalog.

Rainbow Resource Center is still around, offering homeschool resources at a great discount.

They even carry several of my playful math books at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. Check them out!

My Math Books at RRC

CREDITS: Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash.com.

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