I’ve Never Done This Before…

My newest playful math book, Word Problems from Literature (2nd Edition) launches next week. I can hardly wait!

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This Kickstarter project will be a bit different from the ones I’ve run in the past. Here’s a quick peek at three new things to come.

This is going to be so much fun.

Bonus Book for Early Backers

To have a successful campaign, we need plenty of people to back the project early. The more supporters we get — especially on the first day — the more likely the Kickstarter service folks will help spread the news for us.

So this time around, I’m offering a special bonus math activity guide for everyone who joins the campaign at any pledge level during the first 48 hours.

This is one of my favorite open-ended number play activities, which works with students from elementary to high school. (And aren’t those dogs on the cover just the cutest?)

There will be additional sign-up bonuses each week of the campaign, and early backers get them all. Whether you pledge on day 1 or day 21, your pledge won’t be charged until the end of the campaign, so join early to lock in your bonus perks.

Make Your Child a Character

“Tuckerization” is when a writer names one of the characters in their story after a real person. For the first time ever, I’m offering a tuckerization reward level.

Your child can be a character in one of the prealgebra story problems. I’ve got 4 slots available:

  • rogue space smuggler
  • captive prince/princess (or the dragon, if you prefer)
  • fantasy warrior king/queen
  • a starship captain or the ship’s engineer

The first backer to contact me gets the first choice of character.

Book Club Workshop

Join together with four friends to study playful math. When you buy five (or more) copies of Word Problems from Literature, you can schedule a private, 60- to 90-minute Zoom meeting between me and your group.

We can chat about teaching or about any of my playful math resources. Or you can ask me whatever you like about math or homeschooling. It’ll be a blast!

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