Running Out of Time for the Math Games

We have less than 36 hours to go on the Tabletop Math Games Collection Kickstarter.

Thank you so much to everyone who has backed these fun books. Your encouragement and support keep me going!

For procrastinators, get thee to the Kickstarter:

Order Your Books Now ❯

Don’t Put It Off

Most of my books eventually show up in the regular online bookstores, making it easy to delay purchasing.

But these are not typical paperback or hardcover books. Instead, they’re designed to lay flat so players can use the gameboards or easily refer to rules as they play.

I don’t know whether the online bookstores will stock these titles.

But I do know we’re counting down the hours on our Tabletop Math Games Collection Kickstarter campaign.

Do you really want to miss out?

Scroll down for a peek at what other people say about my math games.

Then order your copy today, and have fun playing math with your kids!

Readers Love These Games

👍 “When I’m asked about resources for math games, Denise Gaskins is one of the first names I mention.”
—Dan Finkel, creator of the Prime Climb math board game

❤️ “If I could go back in time, I would play a lot more games.”
—Carla Roesler, homeschooling parent

👍 “The directions are clear, it is easy for parents to pick up and use, yet it gets to the heart of mathematical thinking in a fun, engaging way.”
—Casey Maupin, homeschooling parent

❤️ “The games are easy to put into practice (even for a mom of 4 with 2 toddlers) and something my daughter would participate in willingly or even enjoy (which is saying a lot for a teen who doesn’t always appreciate a challenge). Clever, helpful, and creative in ways I’d never come up with.”
—Casey Baldwin, homeschooling parent

Visit the Kickstarter ❯

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