Historical Future Fantasy Time Travel

My daughter, Teresa Gaskins, has a new story out in Promise in the Gold: A Cave Creek Anthology. If you enjoy cross-genre fiction, the Cave Creek series is a fun mixture of western, science-fiction, and fantasy:

Cave Creek, Nevada—Where the Unexpected Meets the Real World

    Strange, unexplained events long plagued residents of Cave Creek, a former mining town nestled in a hidden canyon north of Las Vegas.

      Promise in the Gold takes the reader into the future, where people who slip through the portals create new timelines—and past, present, and future cross paths in some very weird and sometimes scary ways.

      Teresa’s story is sweet, not scary. And even better, it features a cat. I think you’ll love it!

      Click Here for Details

      Or if you prefer traditional fantasy, check out Teresa’s epic series, The Riddled Stone.

      CREDITS: Feature photo (top) by Glen Rushton via Unsplash.com.

      Hanging on to a Streak

      Posting a placeholder, if our ancient rural internet can stick with us just a tiny bit longer. I’ve managed to post at least a little something for 53 days in a row.

      The ‘net has been off and on all day, but mostly off. We need to get a repair guy out here to see if he can do anything with these rusty old phone lines (or even better, convince the phone company to run new lines — but that’s probably a pipe dream).

      But in the meantime, the streak still holds…..

      Hello, Food TV

      I didn’t get anything written to share today, so here’s a cat picture instead. My favorite shot from Puck’s babyhood.

      He’s grown about two years’ worth since then.

      Still full of puckishness, though. He had a time of it today, “helping” me put up the Christmas tree.

      Bookshelf Cat

      Only a writer who loves wordplay (my daughter) would name her cat Hypocorism. Hypocorism’s hypocorism is “Puck,” which well suits the little trouble-maker. He loves to climb up to the top of the bookshelf by the window, where we hung a couple of toys for him.

      When he was little, he used to climb across the curtain rod to the opposite set of shelves. He still tries it from time to time, though the rod bends under his adult weight. And at least once he took a fall and had to grab for the curtain on his way down. We didn’t see it, but that’s the only explanation we could think of for the huge rip we found later.

      One other disadvantage to growing up: The places he loves to sleep have somehow shrunk. After playing for a bit, he stretches out for a nap — and his back hangs dangerously over the edge.

      Keeping Busy

      Since I started a blog streak in early August, I thought I’d see how long I can keep it going.

      So this is what’s called in the industry a “placeholder” post. It keeps the blog streak live, even though I really don’t have anything to say.

      In addition to working on my Prealgebra & Geometry Games index and finishing up the math activity booklets, I’ve been getting to know Mariah — taking long walks, and just plain having doggy fun.

      Friday night, we discovered that she loves to fetch tennis balls — although she’s not so keen on the idea of giving them back so we can throw them again.

      Oh, and she can catch a treat in the air. Smart dog!