I’m Your Birthday Present. Can You Find Me?

One of our favorite family traditions for young children is the “hidden present.” Every year, one birthday present is hidden somewhere in the house, with the clue placed in an envelope to be opened after all the other presents are unwrapped.

The outside of the envelope is always the same. It reads:

I’m your last present.
Can you find me?
I’m hiding someplace
That you can’t see…

And inside the envelope is a poem containing the clue:

Please, find me! Come get me!
It just isn’t fair!
I’m stuck in a dark cave
Under the stair.
It’s cramped and it’s stuffy and
There’s no fresh air.

I want to come out there
And play with you.
Oh, please, won’t you find me?
Oh, what can I do?
I’m wracking my brains but
Can’t think of a clue.

I guess I’ll be stuck here the
Rest of my days,
While you have some cake and just
Go on your way.
I’m lost! I’m abandoned, and
Here shall I stay…

Unless you come find me!

I admit it’s not great poetry, but it’s a lot of fun — at least, for the younger ones. This year, eldest dd has told me in no uncertain terms that she has outgrown the game. At soon-to-be-20yo, she finds it embarrassing to scramble around peeking under beds and inside other people’s closets.

Children grow up too fast!

10 thoughts on “I’m Your Birthday Present. Can You Find Me?

  1. That is such a fun way to make a birthday memorable. I can imagine it is hard when your child out grows it though. Kids do grow up too fast.

    Here via the carnival of family life.

  2. I love what you described. We had a similar family tradition and I made it into a service for all to enjoy. We print and mail fully colored illustrated letters that require problem solving and lead to the hiding location of a gift you hide. Check out:


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