Puzzle: Logic Test

If you enjoy Raymond Smullyan’s The Lady or the Tiger and similar puzzles, you will probably have fun with this Logic test, posted by JD2718. JD has a wide variety of other math puzzles at his site, so take the time to browse a bit.

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6 thoughts on “Puzzle: Logic Test

  1. It’s a sugar glider: a fits-in-your-palm marsupial that looks like a flying squirrel with racing stripes. They belong to my daughters, but I’ve borrowed them for my avatar on various homeschooling forums for years. In this shot, he’s sitting in a coffee cup, snacking on a yogurt chip.

    I tried to put a bigger picture at the top of my sidebar, but I couldn’t get the proportions right. Maybe someday, when I have more time to fidget with it.

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