Happy Birthday, Sweet 17!

Beach partyI described in a previous post our family tradition of hiding one present on each child’s birthday. Today’s hidden present rhyme was more successful than recent ones — the birthday girl was temporarily stumped and needed a hint from her older sister. Can you guess where they found the gift?

As always, the outside of the envelope is the same:

I’m your last present.
Can you find me?
I’m hiding some place
That you can’t see…

And inside is the treasure map:

Look high and look low,
But wherever you go,
I bet that you won’t find me.
I’m not very far
From wherever you are,
But I’m hiding where you can’t see.

To hide me was mean,
But at least here it’s clean.
Where I’m hiding there aren’t many germs.
Still it’s lonely and sad,
And I’m feeling so bad
That I think I might start eating worms.

Oh, where can I be?
Will you ever find me?
I’m singing a slow, mournful ballad.
What more can I do
Than you give you a clue?
I am hiding wherein goes the salad.

Can you find me?

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