Spring Cleaning My Blog Links

Our whole family is coming down with something again. What a nuisance!

Since I don’t feel up to real cleaning, I guess it’s time to spruce up my sidebar. If you haven’t posted since November or December of last year, you’re outta there. And for those of you who use Blogger — well, I’m sorry, but if I get a persistent “Blogger: 404 – Page Not Found” then you’re gone, too. If you are still actively blogging, please send me an email.

Perhaps I will rearrange the math resources links, too. If I don’t run out of energy, and if my rural, dial-up Internet connection doesn’t give out. It would be nice to separate the elementary grade level pages from the more general math resources. Someday.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the chance to get reacquainted with some blogs I have been too busy to visit for awhile — and discovering a couple of new treasures along the way. If you’d like a laugh, check out:

The Evolution of Teaching Math

Top 10 Excuses For Not Doing the Math Homework
(Exposing my ignorance: I don’t get #2.)

“Standards are Falling”

Double Positive
(For the sake of diversity, a token English joke.)

[Hat tip: Right on the Left Coast.]

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