My Favorite Unpopular Posts

I get a bit tired of the various memes [definition: things to blog about when you have no ideas of your own, a state with which I can easily identify!] that float around the blogsphere—songs from A’s iPod, irrelevant things that nobody knew about B, or C’s favorite TV commercials… But Dana at Principled Discovery has a new meme that actually looks interesting.

Objective: Share ten of your favorite posts, although they went largely unnoticed in the broader blogosphere.

My top two ignored favorites are easy to name:

Story Problem Challenge
Story Problem Challenge Revisited

Other languishing posts on teaching math:

The “Aha!” Factor
Elementary Problem Solving: The Early Years
Bill Gates Proportions II

My neglected favorites about family life or homeschooling:

Kids Do the Craziest Things
Finding the Limit
Why Am I Always the Straight Man?

And to round things out, a couple of rarely-visited quotations posts:

Math Quotes V: A Man Is Like a Fraction…
Math Quotes VII: Problems Worthy of Attack

I encourage my fellow-bloggers to join in on this meme and resurrect your own lost-in-the-ether gems. Even if these posts get no new traffic, I have had fun digging them up and remembering.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Unpopular Posts

  1. My first definition included the phrase “when your brain is dead,” but my brain was just barely alive enough to notice that some people would take that as an insult. Oh, the importance of editing!

  2. I like the math story problems, the one that started out,”Mrs. Sterns has two different recipes of cookies she is going to make…” I have one glass of milk, how many cookies will it take to make my glass look empty? lol

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