Carnival, Carnival, Carnival

The 120th Carnival of Education is now up and running at I Thought a Think. As always, a wide variety of interesting articles to browse. Enjoy!

Carnival of MathematicsEdited to add: Oops! I missed the 8th Carnival of Mathematics last week.
My favorite posts mostly came in pairs.

Two puzzles from MathNotations:
When Curves Collide
Going off on Tangents

Two brainteasers from SharpBrains:
The Unkindest Cut of All
The Really, Really, Really Big Number

Two mind-blowing infinity puzzles that were fun to read, even though I didn’t really understand the answers:
Cats in a Tree
Dogs in a Mineshaft

And the odd-one-out is a history post:
Calculators: Past, Present and Future

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