More Math Resources

My math resources page continues to grow, with new discoveries and with pages I had simply overlooked. (Shame on me!) As I add new entries, I will occasionally post them on the blog as well. Like this:

1000 Problems to Enjoy
A large collection of challenge problems for grades 7-9, or for anyone who wants to play around with math and logic. Answers are in the Doc files, but don’t peek. Figure it out for yourself, and use the file only to check your work. It’s no fun when someone just gives you the answer!

Hexa-Trex Puzzle of the Day
“Object of the game: Find a path through all the tiles to make a math equation.” Difficulty ranges from easy to quite challenging.

Math Open Reference
The name of the website implies more, but all I can find for now is Euclidean geometry. Plenty of Java to play with. This site makes a great follow-up for Purplemath (algebra)—when your geometry textbook just doesn’t make sense, look here for help. The step-by-step constructions are particularly fun.

Trig Without Tears
“Or, How to Remember Trigonometric Identities.” How to learn and understand trigonometry without memorizing a gazillion identities. Check out the author’s other mathematics articles, too.

Various notes, tidbits, equations, and diagrams—2D, 3D, and more. Scroll down for polyhedra, including a link to build your own models.

Mathematics Articles by Stan Brown
Articles about how to succeed as a math student, how to use a graphing calculator, and other topics from algebra, trig, calculus, and statistics.

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