Living with History

Farm in winterMy daughter has been decorating the kitchen, and she decided to hang these old photos that came with the house. The frames needed repairs, so I took the opportunity to scan the photos. (Click for larger view.)

Family farmI wish I knew who the people were, or when the photos were taken. The house shows changes over the years. Eventually, the back porch was closed in to create a pantry and laundry room off the kitchen.

Horse cartThe horse cart picture has a date across one corner. It looks like 9/1908.

Pony trick

This young boy has taught his pony a trick: to step up on a box or something — I can’t quite see what.

Vintage carCan anyone identify this car? The boy looks sweet with a bouquet for his mother. I wonder if that’s her in the driver’s seat.

4 thoughts on “Living with History

  1. Letting my daughter decorate has been interesting. She chose a brick-red paint that looked so dark, I had major doubts—but the finished room looks GREAT! Too bad I don’t have enough spare change around to let her do some real remodeling.

  2. Awesome photos and what a wonderful way to use them. This will be a unique statement in your house – you will never lack for a conversation starter if you ever need one!

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