Quotations XV: More Joy of Mathematics

Mathematics is a vast adventure; its history reflects some of the noblest thoughts of countless generations.

Dirk J. Struik
A Concise History of Mathematics

Mathematics is a world created by the mind of men, and mathematicians are people who devote their lives to what seems to me a wonderful kind of play!

Constance Reid

Some people think that mathematics is a serious business that must always be cold and dry; but we think mathematics is fun, and we aren’t ashamed to admit the fact. Why should a strict boundary line be drawn between work and play? Concrete mathematics is full of appealing patterns; the manipulations are not always easy, but the answers can be astonishingly attractive.

Ronald L. Graham, Donald E. Knuth, Oren Patashnik
Concrete Mathematics

Creativity is the heart and soul of mathematics at all levels. The collection of special skills and techniques is only the raw material out of which the subject itself grows. To look at mathematics without the creative side of it, is to look at a black-and-white photograph of a Cezanne; outlines may be there, but everything that matters is missing.

— R. C. Buck
Teaching Machines and Mathematics Programs
American Math. Monthly

In fact, mathematics is the closest that we humans get to true magic. How else to describe the patterns in our heads that — by some mysterious agency — capture patterns of the universe around us?

Ian Stewart
The Magical Maze

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