Play This Anti-Phishing Game

Stained-glass fish

Do your students know how to protect themselves from email scams? Can they recognize fraudulent websites? Can you? Test your online security savvy by playing this educational game from Carnegie Mellon University:

Anti-Phishing Phil

With my antique modem, I avoid most online games, but this one is worth the wait, no matter how slow your connection. (Besides, it gave me some time to catch up on a few sections of Don Quixote from DailyLit.) I thought I was fairly safe online, but I guess “fairly safe” is not good enough. The program caught my fishy twice in the first round! I got hooked for biting on an unsafe website, and then I lost points for passing by a safe one. I am sure I could have done better if I had gotten the Tutorial button to work — but at least I learned a couple of danger signs to watch out for.

The researchers who designed the game claim that it is more effective than reading anti-phishing tutorials, and they are dangling some tasty bait to make their point: According to Science Daily, if you are willing to leave them your email address and take a follow-up quiz one week after playing the game, they will enter you in their raffle for a $100 gift card.

So why are you waiting? Go fish!

[Hat tip:, via their Technology Headlines email newsletter.]

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