Leon’s Christmas Gift

Lo-shu turtle

Here is the simplest puzzle from the November/December 1998 issue of Alexandria Jones stories. The answer (and more puzzles) will follow.

Christmas gift for Leon (pdf, 68KB)

Edited to Add

More puzzles are now here:

Magic square puzzles

Answers are also posted:

Christmas puzzle answers

To Be Continued…

Read all the posts from the November/December 1998 issue of my Mathematical Adventures of Alexandria Jones newsletter.

3 thoughts on “Leon’s Christmas Gift

  1. lol, i’m having a diificult time solving this..but still it is very challenging too..btw

    Thanks for the info..there’s so much information there and very helpful too..i’ve bookmarked this blog too…and even though i’m too busy doing research and too busy on my everyda work, i’ve always spend some of my time visiting here…nicely put and hey, you should start writing books bro..;)

    keep up the good work and Happy New Year to you…;)

  2. Sol,

    Yes, this is the lo-shu, which according to Howard Eves (An Introduction to the History of Mathematics) is the oldest known example of a magic square. I will have a few more magic square puzzles and the legend of the lo-shu coming up, but a death in the extended family plus the busy-ness of the season have thrown my posting schedule all out of whack.


    Are you for real? Normally I delete spam comments, and yours has enough effusive yet vague praise to look like one. But perhaps it is just a language barrier, so I will let you stay. Warning to other readers: The link leads to a foreign-language “We’ll do all your homework for you” sales page. If you are looking for that sort of thing, I suggest you find one with a better mastery of English.

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