Best of “Let’s Play Math!” in 2007

Cooking class

Farewell to 2007. We have snacks on the table so we can munch the night away, and the little ones are giggling over their Barbies, thrilled at the prospect of more sugar than is good for them.

Beach party

The teenagers have launched their annual movie marathon. This year, it was the girls’ turn to invite friends over, so the men in my life have all found excuses to run into town.

Winter in Illinois

Meanwhile, I am hiding in my den, indulging myself in a sort of blogger’s nostalgia. Some of the following posts got a lot of attention when they were published, others not so much. Topics range from preschool to high school, Captain Kitten from kindergarten games to teaching fractions to Shakespearean insults, so I hope there is something to interest everyone.

[The photos are small so this article won’t take forever to load. Click on any picture to view a larger image.]

Icy branches


Math Forum: 2007 mathematics game
Negative numbers for young students
I’m your birthday present. Can you find me?
Number bonds = better understanding
Percents: Key concepts and connections
Percents: The search for 100%
Confession: I am not good at math

Princess Kitten in a snow cave


All odd numbers are prime — a corollary
Story problem challenge revisited
Pre-algebra problem solving: preschool and early elementary
A mathematical trauma
The case of the mysterious story problem

Boys working


Math quotes VII
In honor of the standardized testing season…
Happy pi day!
Skit: The handshake problem

Lesson plans


Putting Bill Gates in proportion
Bill Gates proportions II
The “Are you a homeschooler?” quiz
Thou surly bat-fowling hugger-mugger!
Introducing Alexandria Jones
The secret of the pharaoh’s treasure, part 1



How to harness metacognitive decision-making
Historical tidbits: The pharaoh’s treasure
How can we teach problem solving?
Solving complex story problems

Quinn in Canada


Historical tidbits: Alexandria Jones
Puzzle: Patty paper trisection
How old are you, in nanoseconds?
How to start a homeschool math club

Sunset with weeds


Tens Concentration
Math Club Nim
Puzzle: Random blocks
Egyptian math in hieroglyphs
The Procrastinating Blogger Award

Rather be doing housework


Quotations XIV: The joy of mathematics
Egyptian math puzzles
7 things to do with a hundred chart
Pre-algebra problem solving: the tools
Writing to learn math
Egyptian geometry and other challenges

Late night study session


Pre-algebra problem solving: 2nd grade
Bloglines potluck “carnival”
Cat quotations
Quotations XV: More joy of mathematics
Reading to learn math

Princess Kitten


Play this anti-phishing game
Pre-algebra problem solving: 3rd grade
How to solve math problems
Quiz: Those frustrating fractions
How shall we teach fractions?

Fall colors


Quotations XVII
Solving complex story problems II
How to read a fraction
Hundred chart Nim
Fraction models, and a card game
Word problems in Russia and America

Chickenfoot ready to perform


Quotations XVIII
Math contest tip sheets
Christmas math puzzles and activities
Math Bloggers Hall of Fame
The golden Christmas tree

Family collage

I hope that you have found something in this list to enjoy.
May God bless you and grant you success in the coming year!

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