Happy Birthday, Princess Kitten!

Princess Kitten

Our youngest child turns 9 today. Time shoots by at rocket speed, doesn’t it? Every year, the older kids complain that their baby sister isn’t allowed to grow up — they still feel like being nine years old themselves!

I have mentioned before our family tradition of the “hidden present.” [See this post and that.] Every year, one birthday present is hidden somewhere in the house, with the clue placed in an envelope to be opened after all the other gifts are unwrapped.

The outside of the envelope is always the same. It reads:

I’m your last present.
Can you find me?
I’m hiding someplace
That you can’t see…

And inside the envelope is a poem containing the clue:

I’m dreaming of a white New Year’s Day,
With snow on the wind and a ride in the sleigh.
But bundle up tight. It’s as cold as can be.
Perhaps you should stay home and just look for me.

The place where I’m hiding is big, and it’s white,
Though here on the inside it’s dark as the night.
It’s quiet right now, but if things start to rumble,
I’m afraid in the tumble my wrapping would crumble.

At least I know that in here I’ll stay dry,
But if you don’t find me, I think I might cry.
You’d better start searching. Come on now, and try!
Look up, down, and sideways. Look low and look high.
Search everywhere, until your present you spy.

This was an easier clue than I expected — after years of practice, I have still not mastered the art of matching the hint to each child’s ability. Princess Kitten marched straight to the hiding place and proudly claimed her gift. It turned out to be a book of really corny animal jokes, which she loves, and a pair of swimming goggles. (Here’s hoping the Y starts lessons soon!)

Does anyone want to take a stab at solving the riddle?

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