Way To Go, Boys!

Math competition
Photo by ccarlstead.

Congratulations, math team! All your hard work paid off, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly. Of course, as C. S. Lewis wrote:

…if you do one good deed, your reward usually is to be set to do another and harder and better one.

C. S. Lewis
The Horse and His Boy

Now it’s time to practice for the state level in March. You can find practice problems online at:

Preparation Drills for MATHCOUNTS
The “Go Figure!” math challenge
[ACK! MathCounts has re-written their website. The old link is no longer any good, but I haven’t yet found the new location for this game.]

And give the new interactive Countdown Round game a try:

AoPS For The Win!

To the Rest of My Readers

Our homeschool boys blew away the competition at last weekend’s MathCounts chapter competition. They took the top 3 (and tied for 4th) individual places and dominated the Countdown Round. I am proud of them all.

And I am especially proud of my own son, who placed 3rd individually and managed to win the Countdown. Math isn’t his favorite subject, by any means — his parents had to force him to participate. But he admitted, “It was more fun than I thought it would be.”

[No, that is not our team in the photo, although one of those boys does look a bit like one of ours.]

10 thoughts on “Way To Go, Boys!

  1. [In reference to a discussion that started off-blog] Thanks, Maureen. I guess the problem is not the website, then, but just my computer acting up. I contacted MathCounts, but they had no advice. Anyway, I will add that link to the blog post, in case other readers (with better-behaved computers) are looking for good practice problems.

  2. When I complained to the MathCounts people, they said to try it with Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. I haven’t been back to see if I could access the Go Figure! problems using IE, but you could try that.

  3. Update: To no one’s surprise, our team was not competitive at the state level. We had a fun time, however, and I am very proud of the boys!

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