February Update: Blog Evolution Meme

funny pictures

This picture is my all-time favorite LolCat, because it is so true to life. Every time I sit down to read a book or grade homework, one of our kittens plops herself on top of it and starts chewing the corners.

Blog Evolution Meme

Jonathan tagged me for the blog evolution meme, in which one chooses five posts that represent the development of one’s blog. Hmmm…

The “Aha!” factor
I started blogging in the spring of 2006, and I laid out my goals in this first post. When the forum to which my old blog had been attached went extinct, I moved to WordPress, started revising and recycling my old posts, and devoted myself anew to the theme of math as mental play.

My favorite unpopular posts
I write about teaching math, solving story problems, understanding proportions, games for preschoolers, math quotations for the blackboard, and more.

Thou surly bat-fowling hugger-mugger!
Of course, I don’t always write about math. Homeschooling resources and other topics catch my eye from time to time.

The Procrastinating Blogger Award
People started noticing my blog, and at least one of them liked what she read.

Alexandria Jones
Last year, I started the long-range project of re-publishing the activities, puzzles, and historical tidbits from my old math newsletter.

I am not usually a “meme” person, but that was a fun challenge. If you would like to try the same thing with your blog, consider yourself tagged.

Miscellaneous Blog Changes

My daughter had a lot of fun taking pictures when we had a rare snowstorm (thus the new blog header). Around here, winter is usually just cold and muddy. She likes the wintry weather, but I am ready for spring!

Dave of MathNotations showed me how to put my Blogged.com rating on my sidebar, and it sounded like fun, so I added a Ratings and Awards widget. Scroll down — it’s just above the quotation feeds.

I also added a few blogs to my math blogroll:


Coffee and Graph Paper

Walking Randomly

[If I am still missing your blog, please let me know.]

And I figured out how to add a search box to my Let’s play math! store. If any of you want to help support this blog, you can visit my store and click The rest of Amazon.com in the sidebar. Then shop for books, DVDs, music, or whatever you would have bought anyway — even groceries. [Sadly, I can no longer work with Amazon, although I like the site well enough (especially their review system and variety of books) to keep linking to them…]

Book collection
Photo by Ian Wilson.

Articles by Category

Finally, here is a round-up of February’s blog posts, in case you missed anything. It was a hectic month at home, which means a slow month on the blog.

Alexandria Jones



2 thoughts on “February Update: Blog Evolution Meme

  1. That makes sense. The miscellaneous blog changes represent monthly micro-evolution, whereas the five posts I listed represent the blog’s long-term macro-evolution.

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