Alex’s & Leon’s Homeschool Puzzle

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While checking out the book table after a homeschool group meeting, Maria Jones glanced up to see her children laughing with some kids she did not recognize. Driving home, she asked about the new family, but Alex and Leon had been too busy exchanging silly stories to even ask the strangers’ names.

“Well,” Leon said, “the boy told me he has twice as many sisters as brothers.”

No way!” said Alex. “The girl told me that she has the same number of brothers and sisters.”

How can that be?

Edited to Add

The answer to this puzzle is now posted:

Answers to Alex’s and Leon’s Puzzles

To Be Continued…

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5 thoughts on “Alex’s & Leon’s Homeschool Puzzle

  1. I will post the answer in another post (hopefully this weekend), along with the answers to the block puzzles. But if I told you the answer too soon, you wouldn’t have the fun of trying to figure it out!

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