Math Games by Kids

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The cold came back and knocked me flat, but there are compensations. The downtime gave me a chance to browse my overflowing bookmarks folder, and I found something to add to my resource page. Princess Kitten and I enjoyed exploring these games and quizzes from Ambleweb.

Math Games by Elementary Students

Each game was designed by (or at least with the help of) 4th-6th grade students at Ambleside CE Primary School.

  • Callum’s Addition Pyramid
    “Can you open the Mummy’s Tomb?” With three difficulty levels, this will challenge any elementary student’s mental addition skills — and many adults’ skills, too!
  • The Table Trees
    Practice your times tables, with a twist — it’s not always the answer that’s missing.
  • Button Beach Challenge
    “A taster of our forthcoming Oddsocks — The Land of the Lost interactive web based mental maths adventure.” This addition puzzle is harder than it looks. I can’t wait to try the rest of the adventure…
  • Ambleweb Function Machine
    Choose the type of problem you want to guess, or go random for more challenge. My math club kids LOVE function machines.
  • The Fractotron
    You will have to work fast with this game. The questions are not super-difficult, but it doesn’t give you much time to think.

Test Your Problem-Solving Skills

Challenging mental arithmetic quizzes by the kids at Ambleside Primary.

  • Brainwave
    For early elementary students: “What is half of 10?…”
  • Braintwister
    For middle elementary students: “There are 35 children in a class. 16 are boys. How many are girls?…”
  • The Braindrainer
    For upper elementary or middle school students: “Is 4 a factor of 106?…”
  • The Totally Mental Machine
    Random numbers make a new set of problems every time: “What is 15.7 and 4.7 together?…”
  • Problems? No Problem!
    Includes some geometry: “What is the name of an angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees?…”

8 thoughts on “Math Games by Kids

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  3. I know some math to and add and stub tact and m and divide to I that easy to me easy and add that lot stuff to

  4. You have just saved me hours trying to come up with material for Math Stations! I’ve often said that our greatest resource as teachers is other teachers. Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to start my week!!

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