Not Just a Math Geek

It took 4+ years of practice and one solid hour of sweating — which included punching and kicking his dad as hard as he could (holding the karate pad is no easy job!) and the breaking of two boards — but it was worth it.

Last night, Chickenfoot received his black belt, being presented in the photo by his instructor, Sir John.

Congatulations, son!

[Disclaimer: I gave in to blogger’s poetic license for a catchy title. To tell the truth, I am sure Chickenfoot wouldn’t consider himself a math geek at all. Math is far from being his favorite subject, even though he is good at it.]

3 thoughts on “Not Just a Math Geek

  1. Yes, I am proud of them both. Dh hasn’t quite kept pace with the kids, but he is still slogging on. He has earned his blue belt first degree — that’s him sitting on the floor behind Sir John. Me, on the other hand… My idea of exercise is turning the pages of a library book. 😉

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