Hurricane Ike Drops In

[Photo by Niner.]

Thanks to the remnants of Hurricane-turned-Tropical-Depression Ike, our creek has risen well past last spring’s high-water mark. Of course, this is nothing compared to the devastation down south, but it’s enough to keep us trapped at home for the day.

If you’re curious about what’s around that corner of our driveway…

The rain has mostly stopped, but the flood is still rising due to run-off from the fields. It hasn’t quite reached the top rail of our fence, but the second rail (visible in the picture above) is now under water. Niner just took the camera out again — this time, up to the top of the barn to see if she can get a good shot of Lake Ike.

Update: Our trees and out-buildings blocked Niner’s attempt at an aerial shot, but she waded in to get a close-up of the flood.

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