More Free Math Resources

[Photo by One Laptop Per Child.]

Once again, I am adding to my Free (Mostly) Math Resources page. Here are a handful of helpful websites for teaching math…

Master the Basics

Professor Pig’s Magic Math
Cartoons, hands-on games, and mental math practice — these pdf lessons are excellent to help students understand number bonds, rather than just memorizing math facts. (Only the first two lessons are available now; more coming soon.) See also: Math Games to Download.

Word Problems Step by Step

The Singapore Maths Teacher
These slide shows demonstrate Singapore-style math models (also known as bar diagrams) step by step, beginning with relatively easy grade 3 word problems and working through to grade 6 stumpers. Excellent for elementary teachers who need to learn how to teach this method. See also: Problem Solving Strategies.

No, It Isn’t Infinity

Why We Don’t Divide By Zero
Professor Homunculus of The Math Mojo Chronicles explains the mathematics of dividing by zero.

I Love These Logic Problems

Logic-Grid Brain Teasers
I love logic grid problems, and Braingle offers 34 pages of them. Have fun! See also: Math Brain Teasers.

Challenge Yourself with Math and Logic Classics

Problem Solving Island
“The inhabitants of the island are a little different from you or me. Rather than pursuing standard enjoyments, like television, aerobics, and web surfing, they spend most of their time posing and solving puzzles…”

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