MathNotations Contest for Middle-High School

[Photo by ccarlstead.]

Can you can put together a team of 2-6 middle or high school students for an afternoon of mathematical play? If so, then Dave at MathNotations is running a math competition you just have to check out.

Teachers register by email on or before Thursday, January 29, and will receive the six thought-provoking contest problems and official answer form by return email. Hold the contest at your convenience on Tuesday, February 3, allowing your team up to 90 minutes to complete and electronically submit their answers.

Details About the MathNotations Contest

  • It’s FREE!
  • This is a Team event: groups of 2-6 students (grade levels 7-12) work together on their solutions.
  • Students will have up to 90 minutes to complete 6 questions. Teams could easily finish in 45 minutes, but extra time is provided for electronic preparation of solutions.
  • Emphasis will be on Algebra 2, although 3 of the 6 questions will be accessible to middle schoolers.
  • Calculators are permitted.
  • There will be both multi-part questions and open-ended investigations that require explanation — something like this “preview” puzzle.
  • Registration, delivery of questions, and submission of official team answers/solutions are all done via email.
  • After the contest is over, participating schools will receive results, answers, suggested solutions and certificates via email.

And the Prize Is…

Bragging rights! All students receive a Certificate of Participation and top-scoring schools/students will receive a Certificate of Merit. Separate acknowledgments will be given to middle and high school teams.

If You Want to Participate

Check out Dave’s post:

First MathNotations Math Contest Offically Announced and It’s FREE!

3 thoughts on “MathNotations Contest for Middle-High School

  1. Thank you, Denise. You have such a large and devoted following, your post will really help spread the word! There is still time to register and several schools from all over the country have expressed interest just today alone. Thanks again!

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