Cute Math Facts for Visual Thinkers

numberwalk[Photo by angela7dreams.]

A forum friend posted about her daughter’s adventure in learning the math facts:

“She loves stories and drawing, so I came up with the Math Friends book. She made a little book, and we talked about different numbers that are buddies.”

What Are Math Friends?

“For example: 8, 7, 15
(8 +7=15, 7+8=15, 15-7=8, and 15-8=7)
These guys are buddies. Wherever 8 and 7 are, 15 is there too. And vice versa.

Other number buddies:
6, 7, 13
9, 8, 17

There are more, of course, but these seem to be the ones she struggles with memorizing.

She drew clothes and faces on the numbers (which she would do whether she was supposed to or not!) , and each page had a group of friends.”

Or Try Equation Pictures

Another homeschooler shared how her daughter drew story pictures to help herself remember the math facts. Check out the photos:

Multiplication Stars

times3circle[Drawing by mathman.]

One of the worst things about my computer dying is the loss of all my old bookmarks. Once upon a time, a blogger posted the cutest pictures of circular multiplication patterns his son had drawn (using just the ones digit of each answer.) I can’t find where I first saw the multiplication stars, but here is a file telling how to make them (see page 3):

[Tip to my MathCounts students: Try making some of these! They will help you understand the “units digit” puzzles that so often stump you.]

What About Your Kids?

Have you or your children come up with a cool trick for learning math facts? Please share your tips, tricks, and ideas!

8 thoughts on “Cute Math Facts for Visual Thinkers

  1. I loved the story book idea! Very sweet.
    We have laid paper numbers out on the floor – then the children run to the answer when I call out a sum (do you say that? Is math problem the way to say it?). The children love to run from answer to answer, and it does help them remember their math facts.

  2. That sounds like fun. I have also heard of people putting the numbers on stairs, so the kids can jump up and down to the answers. A great way for young boys to burn up energy!

  3. I drew a big game with sidewalk chalk, lots of circles with one numbers in each, and my daughter had to jump only on, say, multiples of 3 to get from one end to the other. It would work for any number facts, and kept her happy when the same problems on paper would have made her cry!!

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