Math Game: Logarithm War

[Graph created at Draw Function Graphs.]

Kate at f(t) took my popular Math War game to a new level by making a set of Logarithm War cards. Cool! Download a deck for yourself:


Logs and Trig War—Jim Pai extended Kate’s logarithm war to include trig functions. Double the cards, double the fun! Download from Jim’s blog: War: what is it good for?

6 thoughts on “Math Game: Logarithm War

  1. Wow. I’m totally lost. I hope my kids are equipped with satellite learning capabilities by the time we’re into logarithms. Gulp.

  2. What the… I thought it was simple, then it turned out to be so complicated as I proceed. Man, I really suck in Math! Fortunately for the young ones, they can learn a lot from this game. It’s fun and cool. Learning mathematics today can really be fun and interesting not like those terrifying days in our Math class during elementary.

  3. Well, we part saying that we are two students in mathematics pedagogy in the Universidad Catolica Del Maule, in Chile, and after of search in many parts a blog is was our liking, we find this. We drew attention because he was trying to teach in a entertaining way, as for the people not with mathematics, in special when attempting to teach young people like us who do not prioritize Studies.
    Principally, we want to congratulate for the work what you do, because it is a very nice way of teach something as complex as then mathematics and not only teach for the traditional way, but is made in the most entertaining possible way…

    Is just to reiterate the congratulations and thank you for this contribution to education.

    Yours faithfully:
    Juan Donoso.
    Jorge Freire.

    Pd: Sorry for not writing correctly, is because we don’t know much English.

  4. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you appreciate my blog and find it helpful. Best wishes on your studies! If you are studying the pedagogy of mathematics, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of great ideas at Kate’s blog f(t) — it’s one of my favorites.

  5. We are an institution in India. We teach children about Advance maths using Abacus. We also have our website, in which we provide online games related to maths, which helps them to learn by fun. 

    It is a nice means to teach children. Hope you will visit our website & let us know the feedback.”

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