Calling Homeschoolers: Teaching Advice Wanted

[Photo by Betsssssy.]

Tom DeRosa of I Want to Teach Forever told me that he would love to have homeschool teachers or unschoolers contribute to his 52 Weeks, 52 Teachers Project. Just write a short response to the question:

  • “What is the most important advice you can give to other teachers?”

Highlights from the First 12 Weeks

Public, private, and homeschool teachers have more in common than you might expect. Here are a few tidbits from the great advice shared so far:

Week 1: “Continue to experiment with different teaching styles and ideas. Locking yourself in one mode of teaching makes for boring lessons …”

Week 3: “Be firm, fair, and consistent …”

Week 5: “If you can’t already teach something well without technology, technology is just going to make things worse …”

Week 8: “A teacher can gain authority by … confessing ignorance … ‘I don’t know’ becomes ‘Let’s look it up’ (a lesson in research) or ‘Let’s find out together’ (a lesson in experiment and cooperation) …”

Week 10: “I think a key component to successful teaching is to be absolutely transparent in your expectations …”

Week 12: “Learn to be more curious with your students and colleagues and you will grow exponentially …”

40 Weeks to Go

Submission details from Mr. D:

  • There are no qualifications to write besides being a current (or retired!) teacher; you can submit no matter your subject, grade level, school type, or country. Just try to write with the largest number of teachers in mind (all of them if possible).
  • Keep in mind that I’m not looking for the answer to life, the universe and everything (because I already know that: 42), but something that perhaps you and only you could share that would help answer the question: “What is the most important advice I can give other teachers?”
  • Email (teachforever AT gmail DOT com) a short, 100-300 word submission along with your name, where & what you teach, and your blog or website (not required). I will omit any information you don’t want published–you can be anonymous if you’d like (but please email all the information anyway, as it is interesting to me).
  • You can only submit once this year, so make sure it’s your best advice!

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