Math Teachers at Play #12 via Number Warrior

Wednesday night is the deadline for submitting to this week’s Math Teachers at Play blog carnival, to be posted on Friday at The Number Warrior. Send in your thoughts, ideas, tips, or tricks about K-12 math using this handy submission form.


You might want to take a stab at the most recent Monday Math Madness puzzle: MMM #37: More spiral fun.

My blog reader is up to 5787 unread posts, and I know I will never get caught up on all that news. Does anyone know if there has been a 55th Carnival of Mathematics? (#54 is here.)

Mr. D is still looking for entries in his 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons Community Project.

And if you’ve nothing else to do (or if, like me, you are putting off the work you really ought to be doing), check out Which Mathematical Function Are You?

Okay, enough playing around. Back to housecleaning…

4 thoughts on “Math Teachers at Play #12 via Number Warrior

  1. The next carnival of maths is at my blog, posted 31st July!

    sorry i’ve been on holiday and so ignored your question. Bad, bad Ryan!

  2. Hey, I can identify! I haven’t exactly been on holiday, but I’ve been ignoring almost everything blog-related in an attempt to catch up with neglected home- and school-related tasks.

    But I’ll try to spare a few moments to check out the carnival on Friday. Thanks for the update!

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