Math Teachers at Play #11 via Math Mama Writes

Math Teachers at Play #11 is now posted for your browsing pleasure. So click on over to Math Mama Writes and enjoy!

If you would like to host the carnival, there are many dates still open. Just comment or email me, and I’ll get you set up.

4 thoughts on “Math Teachers at Play #11 via Math Mama Writes

  1. I can host a Carnival on Math 2.0 – that is, user-generated content, networking, collaboration and sharing in mathematics. Write me up for any available week. It’s a hot topic.

    The Math 2.0 interest group meets online on Wednesday, with different hosts and venues helping us explore different topics:

  2. That’s an interesting idea. I don’t know how it would work—I’m not familiar with wikis. If you want to try it, however, feel free to pick a date that works for you. You can see the available dates here, by opening the “future hosts” tab. The fall semester is wide open.

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