Math Teachers at Play #23 via Math Recreation

The new blog carnival is posted and full of fun:


Next month, the carnival is coming back home to Let’s Play Math! — and in fact, I’ve already started collecting articles for it. If you would like to contribute, you can use this handy submission form. If you’d like to host a future edition (July or later), let me know.

Gobolink Symmetry

I admit, it doesn’t really have anything to do with math, but it looks like a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon:

According to the authors:

Jet black ink should be used, and a good quality of unglazed paper. The ink should not be too thin. The table should be protected from accident with several thicknesses of newspaper. . .

For a specially invited Gobolink party the company may dress in any grotesque fashion, remembering only that both sides of their costume shall be the same, this being a feature peculiar to Gobolink attire.

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Head’s Up for e-Day

It’s beyond Kitten’s level and beyond my math club (what’s left of it), but for those of you who are interested, this Sunday is e Day. The only place I can remember seeing the announcement is on the blog 360:

[Do you have an e-Day post? I’d be glad add your link!]

If you’ve never heard of e before, then perhaps you are young enough (or young at heart? ;)) to enjoy celebrating his more famous cousin. Pi Day is coming next month. . .


Maria has a good introduction to e:

And Zac adds:

Pat chimes in with “something totally different”:

While Robert explains:

What is a Math Carnival?

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