Math Teachers at Play #27 via Math Mom

The carnival is up at Ramblings of a Math Mom, a day late but well worth the wait:

Mathmom herself wrote a wonderful post for the carnival, which I was glad to see. I’ve missed her!

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Here’s a puzzle I found to fritter away time while I was waiting for the carnival:

[Warning: The answers are in the same blog post, so don’t scroll down until you’ve tried the puzzle!]

3 thoughts on “Math Teachers at Play #27 via Math Mom

  1. Yes, I got it, though I lost track of the clues on my first time through. And then on my second try, I was sure there were two valid answers. But then I re-read the “fine print” about column 2 at the bottom of the page…

  2. I finally peeked at the answer. I had made a wrong assumption. On the bottom left to top right diagonal, I thought the middle two numbers had to be the same. They didn’t. Otherwise, I had it pretty much right. Good puzzle. I want to ask him if I can use it in the book. :^)

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