A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That…

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It’s high time I got back on track with my Alexandria Jones posts, so I’ve been working hard on a short introduction to probability, to go along with The Birthday Surprise. Or, more honestly, I’ve been procrastinating on a short intro … well, anyway, here’s a little of what I’ve been reading around the interwebs lately.

Fantasy Fiction, Interior Decorating, and Very Dry Humor

  • Magnisi: The Nightengale Club and Fantasma
    “My favorite place to enjoy an evening when I visit Magnisi is a small night club in Columbia. The food is good, the dancing is fun, and the music is beautiful. Most nights, Fantasma comes out to sing a few songs with the band …”
    [From my daughter, Moonlight.]
  • Color Psychology
    “… So spend a little time sitting in your room, considering the color swatches you’ve brought home from the store. Think about the feeling you want for that room and what you do in it. Then grab a paint brush and dare to be dramatic with the colors.”
    [From my daughter, Niner.]

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And, of course, the new Math Teachers at Play carnival

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