Having Fun with Math

Here’s another math blog for your RSS reader: Math 4 Love. Kitten laughed out loud at their One-Minute Math Video.

More Math 4 Love

If you have young children, check out Katherine’s Symmetry and Pattern Blocks: “I asked them about their shapes, and observed that one of them had built a highly symmetrical design while the other had built a highly unsymmetrical design, and this, of course, blew the door open onto the topic for the next 45 minutes. Symmetry—one of the great ideas in mathematics that somehow we all intuitively understand but that mathematics gives us tools to describe and to explore deeply…”

Middle school and older students may enjoy Dan’s Sierpinski Triangle Talk, about “a beautiful and profound mathematical object, and how the different ways to construct the shape have yielded astonishing connections between different areas in mathematics (listen for the gasps from the audience).”

Or just click over to the Math 4 Love blog and enjoy exploring!

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