Happy Tau Day

6/28 is τ Day.
Tau = τ = one turn around the circle = \frac{C}{r} = 2π = 6.28318…
How do mathematicians celebrate τ Day?
Protest! Share anti-π propaganda.
And eat two pies…

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The Bloggers Weigh In

If you’re convinced and you’re wondering how to bring more widespread acceptance of tau, then all you need to do is start using it. At the start of anything where you’d normally use pi, simply write “For convenience, τ= 2π”, and then get on with your dramatically simpler and more friendly equations.

Duncan Geere
Happy Pi day! Let’s kill it

4 thoughts on “Happy Tau Day

  1. I love this blog! Thanks for the idea. Yep…two pies today. My girls will be thrilled…and they won’t even know we’re doing math, really, which, at this point in their lives, is a good thing. Pumpkin and Boysenberry, I think. 🙂

    Thanks for the great ideas, videos and links. Keep ’em coming!

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