Addition Games with Cuisenaire Rods

Education Unboxed has posted some playful addition games for young learners. And there’s much more on their website. Be sure to click around and explore!

Six is Having a Party! – Math Facts with Cuisenaire Rods

“What’s in the Box?” Game

Addition/Subtraction Towers (Number Bonds)

7 thoughts on “Addition Games with Cuisenaire Rods

  1. Thanks for showing a new a new way to represent fact families.The way you used the blocks and glass table made it interesting for the young child to interact and learn. area of improvement: Wish there were more activities like these on your site.Thanks for the ideas.

  2. The videos are terrific! I am wondering whether it is possible to purchase a book with instruction and examples of how to teach cuisinaire rods to a preschool and grade one student. ALso finding out the math language used in teachingg it. I think your videos would be very helpful as well! ENjoed them very much. THANK YOU!

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