Poll: Math Ebooks?

Two of my daughters are attempting NaNoWriMo this year. So I’m thinking I might keep them company and give the EBookWriMo Challenge a try. What topic should I write about?

Don’t like any of my ideas? Enter your suggestion in the poll, or leave a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Poll: Math Ebooks?

  1. I voted twice by accident. The first time, I went to the survey from my google reader. The second time from here. From google reader, I couldn’t enter text into the blank after ‘other’. From here I could. Nanawrimo is supposed to be fiction, right? What could be more perfect than writing more of your fabulous Alexancria Jones stories?

    1. I tried going to the survey from my email rss, and I couldn’t enter text either. How strange! I hope it’s just a temporary glitch with the polldaddy site.

  2. I just found your website and blg! Love it! I used to ‘play algebra’ with my Dad in the 1980’s when I was a kid. I love that title! Looking forward to your new book.

  3. I’m glad you dropped in, Kristi.
    My daughter loved playing algebra when she was little, too — partly because she enjoys puzzles, and partly because she saw it as a “teenager thing”. Now that she’s a real teenager, it’s not quite so much fun, although she still enjoys it when I find a puzzle that stretches her and makes her think.

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