Back to School Sale

Princess Kitten, way back in the beginning.
Princess Kitten, way back in the beginning.

Our homeschool runs a bit off-schedule from the rest of the U.S. school system, as we are still finishing up last year’s work. Even so, we’re calling this month the “beginning” of Kitten’s high school years, which seems to me like something to celebrate.

Therefore, I’m launching a one-week sale on my math book:

Please feel free to share the coupon code with your friends.

Update: I’ve just opened up a Ganxy showcase with the sale price, for anyone who would prefer to buy the ebook (in pdf, mobi, and epub) directly from me:

Meanwhile, for those of you who are waiting:

I’m still working on the paperback version of Let’s Play Math, and on the ebook version of Let’s Play Algebra, and on the Math You Can Play games book, and on a book version of my Times Table Series, and on a book version of my Word Problems Through Literature series.

I know that I should quit trying to multitask and just focus on one of those, but the popcorn kittens keep jumping. One of these days, I really will finish something, I promise!

What, you say? You have never heard of popcorn kittens?

Kristine Kathryn Rusch explains, “…the phrase “popcorn kittens” has become shorthand for feeling overwhelmed by good things — all of the possible projects, all of the time it will take to publish them, …”

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