WOW – Multiplication! An Open Online Course for Parents and Teachers


Once again, the authors of Moebius Noodles are teaming up to offer a free course for families, math clubs, playgroups, and others who want to explore adventurous mathematics with kids of any age.

This short course will last only two weeks, and the topic is multiplication:

Both of my homeschool math circles (one with preschool-1st grade, and one with teens) thoroughly enjoyed the month-long problem solving course this summer, and we expect the new one to be just as much fun. Will you join us?

As with most of the Moebius Noodles courses, Maria and Yelena have adapted the activities for all ages from toddlers to adults. Where young ones go on a scavenger hunt for pretty snowflakes and cool truck wheels, older kids build bridges from multiplication to symmetry, spatial transformations, and proportions.

Visit the registration page to sign up no later than September 8. The main course activities will happen September 9th through 22nd. Expect to spend about two hours a week.

Course FAQs from the Wow! Multiplication Page


Does my child need to have times tables memorized for this?
Some question if the tables need to be memorized at all! But definitely not for this course.

Can my toddler participate?
Yes, our courses are for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. We will have tips for adapting the activities for younger kids.

What is the price and what resources will I need?
You need the internet to participate, and usual household objects (paper, markers, toys) to do math. We encourage you to invite friends for the Math Circle part, because it helps the friends and motivates your kids. We will provide open media about multiplication.

What is it all about?

  • Make your own math: DIY, agency, self-regulation, exploration
  • Play and let the kids play freely: spaces for exploration, research of what kids would do
  • Profound understanding of fundamental mathematics: connections of multiplication to more advanced topics
  • Not all who wander are lost: connections; sorting, classifying and mapping the big picture of math, big and deep ideas, inquiry, connections
  • Be the littlest kid: child leadership, adults as fellow explorers
  • Make and share stories: continuity, adding valor and adventure to kids’ actions, research and reflection on the data in the stories, helping others learn from your experiences
  • Growing your math eyes and seeing multiplication everywhere!

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