A New Take on Multiplication Flash Cards

Dan Finkel, creator of the Tiny Polka Dot and Prime Climb games, is running a new Kickstarter campaign.

If your children struggle with multiplication math facts, or if you’re planning to teach the times tables next year, you may want to check it out.

And do it today — Kickstarter campaigns are limited-time deals!

Finkel writes:

“For many kids, rote memorization of multiplication facts is disconnected, boring, and hard.

“We’ve got a new take on multiplication flash cards. It’s a deeper, more connected, more visual way to learn, so you understand what the equations mean, as well as how to get the right answer. We take advantage of the science of memory to make sure you’re actually getting the facts down, accurately and quickly. And we have games, puzzles, and explorations to take the learning further.

“We call it Multiplication by Heart.”

—Dan Finkel

The flashcards give children two visual models for multiplication (groups and arrays), plus an image of prime factoring borrowed from the award-winning Prime Climb game.

The cards come with games to play, puzzle ideas, and tips for spaced repetition to support your child’s memory of the math facts.

Sounds like fun to me. 😀

If you want a deck to play with your children (or a set of them for your classroom), go back the Kickstarter today.

Dan adds, “We’ll get you one (or more!) copy as fast as we can. We’re shooting for December, 2020, as long as coronavirus doesn’t slow things up too much!”

Order your copy of Multiplication by Heart

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