Moving Patterns Game on Kickstarter

We all know kids like to move. But did you know you can harness all of that innate energy into developing a conceptual understanding of mathematics?

The Moving Patterns Game is an active, self-directed game featuring patterns, footwork, friends, and math. Dancing makes life fun, and math makes the dancing more interesting!”

—Malke Rosenfeld

What kind of math? As children play and dance, they will practice…

  • patterns and variation
  • communicating ideas through symbols
  • algorithms (step-by-step procedures)
  • many types of symmetry
  • combinations and permutations
  • teamwork with a partner
  • geometry and spatial visualization
  • transformations
  • creative problem-solving

You have less than a week left to help fund the game that will get your children moving with whole-body math. Don’t miss out!

Go to Moving Patterns Game

Here’s How It Works

The blue Pattern cards function as little footwork “maps” that show the player how and when to move their feet.

The orange Challenge cards provide mathematical prompts for changing each pattern in some way, leading to the creation of new dance moves.

Paired together they allow children to play around with both math and dance at the same time.

“Children think and learn through their bodies, so teaching math topics and practices in concert with a choreographic process creates a setting where children are free to play with and discover new things about math.”

—Malke Rosenfeld

I can’t wait to try it out with my students!

Back it on Kickstarter

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