That’s Mathematics

Here’s a bit of fun I found on YouTube. Happy Friday!

Mathematicians and maths educators in order of appearance:

Eddie Woo @misterwootube
Hannah Fry @FryRSquared
James Tanton @jamestanton
Chris Smith @aap03102
Bobby Seagull @Bobby_Seagull
Jo Morgan @mathsjem
David Wees @DavidWees
Matt Parker @standupmaths
Michael Stevens @tweetsauce
Lieven Schiere @lievenscheire
Ben Sparks @SparksMaths
Rob Eastaway @robeastaway
Nira Chamberlain @ch_nira
Ed Southall @edsouthall
Steven Strogatz @stevenstrogatz
Simon Pampena @mathemaniac
Rachel Riley @RachelRileyRR
Alex Bellos @alexbellos
Simon Singh @SLSingh
Katie Steckles @stecks
Craig Barton @mrbartonmaths
Kyle Evans @kyledevans

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