It’s Almost Gone

“Denise’s books are always the first math books I recommend to parents. I have used them both with co-ops and at home, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her latest book, Prealgebra & Geometry Games, because there is SUCH a need for games at this level! I could even scale down many of the games for my second grader. Middle school moms and those with math loving kids of any age, check this out!”

—Casey Ogg Maupin
Big Juicy Conversations about Math (Facebook group)

UPDATE: The Kickstarter deals have ended, but my playful math books are still available through your favorite online store or by special order at your local bookshop. (Except for the Prealgebra & Geometry Games book, scheduled for publication in early 2021. Sign up for my email list to get the latest news.)

Just a few hours left to get in on all the goodies from the Math You Can Play Kickstarter!

What goodies, you may ask?

Well, any visitor can download the four free sample card games pictured above.

Everyone who backs the project, even for just $1, will get the special, expanded 64-page Kickstarter edition of my printable pdf math art coloring book Geometric Coloring Designs.

And because we’ve hit all our stretch goals, backers at the $5 level or more will get a collection of playful math activity booklets :

  • Star Polygons: A Math Art Project, a ready-to-play 18-page printable pdf activity from the Prealgebra & Geometry Games book.
  • Launch It: Nim Games for All Ages, a 12-page printable pdf lesson guide that includes two Nim games with variations, journaling prompts, and more.
  • Skyscrapers: A Hands-On Logic Puzzle for Kids, a 40-page printable pdf activity booklet features tidbits from math history, logic puzzles (with answers), and instructions for your kids to make more of their own.
  • The Gerrymander Project: Math in the World of Politics, an 18-page printable pdf lesson in which students work with a simplified city map to explore how geometry and statistics influence the fight for political power.

So if you haven’t visited the project yet, do check it out. I know your kids will love playing math with these activities.

Visit the Kickstarter

And for everyone who has already backed the project: Thank you! You guys are the greatest!

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