Exciting New Homeschool Math Program

Homeschooling friends, check out this new homeschool math program that’s fun, rigorous, and engaging — a delightful, hands-on course that helps parents (and their children) understand math.

Introduction to Cuisenaire Rod Structures Course

I had the privilege of previewing this class as Sonya and Lacy put it together. I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with math, or who wants to take a non-traditional approach.

By focusing on making sense of number relationships, and by teaching algebra before arithmetic, this course provides a stress-free path to rich mathematical mastery.

And for all they provide, including weekly live workshops and a slew of printable math journal pages that prompt deep thinking, the price is a steal!

Why Is Homeschool Math So Hard?

Homeschoolers often spend years searching for the perfect math curriculum. But for most of us, a new curriculum won’t solve the problem.

Because in the end, our children’s problem isn’t the curriculum.

Our children’s problem is that their teacher (um, that’s us!) doesn’t really understand math.

Thankfully, the authors of this course have years of experience helping confused parents learn and teach math, one step at a time.

Why Algebra First?

Arithmetic can be anti-intuitive for children, making them believe that math is all about memorizing and following arbitrary rules. But Cuisenaire rods turn algebra into a visual puzzle that relies on students’ common sense observations to build meaning.

Algebra is the foundation of arithmetic. When students master the principles of algebra, they will be able to work fluently with any numbers — far beyond their traditional grade level.

This course shows you how to live by master teacher W.W. Sawyer’s two rules:

“A pupil is allowed to write anything that is true, and not allowed to write anything untrue! These are the only rules of mathematics.”

Visit the Course Introduction Page

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