Poetry for Pi Day


Here are two poems in honor of pi, from the Mathematical Poetry site:

If inside a circle a line
Hits the center and goes spine to spine
And the line’s length is “d,”
The circumference will be
d times 3 point 1 4 1 5 9.

Simple Simon met a pi man
Going to the fair.
Said Simple Simon to the pi man,
“You have unusual ware.
The pie’s I’ve seen before were round
But, gosh, your pi’s r2.”

9 thoughts on “Poetry for Pi Day

  1. i think the pi man is strongly inapropriate. i mean how are little children honestly supposed to understand this?!?! honestly…

  2. A pirate and a pisces
    set out on the high seas
    in search of the perfect pie.

    When the perfect pie was found
    the pisces wolfed 4 pieces down
    swallowing with a grin and a sigh.

    As he piloted the craft
    the pirate he did ask
    the pisces if he’d like to have some more.

    The pisces answered quick
    as he felt so awful sick
    “I should have stopped at 3.14”

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